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Translation Management Solutions

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Thanks to our in-house development team we customize Translation Management Solutions on demand and provide our clients with a wide range of tools to suit their needs. When partnering with us, many of these tools, such as Terminology Management Tools are already included in our service offering.

Project Management Workflow

We can help you build a scalable, repeatable and measurable localization program by deploying our open standards-based localization platform, Argos TMS. We tailor pre-programmed automated processes that fit your business requirements through our localization platform.

Translation Memory

For every project that comes through our door we create and manage Translation Memory databases. Our clients remain the sole owners of these databases with 24/7 access worldwide. Using our Argos TMS system, we are able to store and share Translation Memory with linguists and even the client's other language suppliers.

Terminology Management

As part of our standard translation service offering, we create Terminology databases and develop glossaries for each client and each project. We provide our clients with access to a range of Terminology Management Tools and provide best practise guidelines for our client to follow to ensure their Terminology database is constantly updated and is of high quality.

Review Applications

We offer a wide selection of client review technology and applications, simplifying and streamlining the in-country review process. Your in-country review specialists’ input can be fed back to the translation format automatically, which dramatically speeds up final review cycles. Additionally, non-standard content types can be reviewed with offline tools ensuring full traceability of changes implemented by reviewers.

Customized Client Portal

When partnering with Argos, we will provide your business with total access to our in-house Client Portal. Our portal is accessible to all your localization program stakeholders 24/7 via their browser. This means that your team can see and approve up-front costs, track progress and even analyze spend through the advanced Business Analytics suite.


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