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Language Translation Services

We provide a full range of language translation services that cover all your needs

We handle everything from content creation, through translation and layout to content delivery. We also are experts in all the technical aspects of website translation and software localization. With our certified translation services and partnership approach we will get your business on the road to success.

Translation Services

At Argos, translation is about creating a connection with your global clients. That is why our approach is to build tailored linguistic teams and processes around each subject matter and content type.

Argos recognizes that translating marketing content needs a team with different skills from the team which translates your technical content. We engage with subject matter experts (SME’s), who understand your domain because they have experience in your industry.

Likewise, our software translation specialists are just that; they are linguists with an appreciation of the particular challenges involved in user interface translations.

We focus on connecting your content with the right language professionals so that you can connect with your clients globally.

Localization Services

Our localization engineers are here to help you choose the right tools for your localization process to reach international audiences. Our localization services include capturing screenshots for documentation, extracting translatable content from files, adjusting the localized software by resizing dialogs and modifying layout as well as testing i18n features for language suitability. Reach your consumers in a language they understand.

Website Translation

Argos' website translation services are worth having a closer look at! At Argos, we believe that one size does not fit all, which is why we apply different and to every need adapted approaches to website translation & localization. Our linguistic specialists and engineers are on hand to make your website accessible and culturally suitable for your international audience. A translated and localized website by Argos ensures your messaging doesn‘t cause any confusion across your various target countries and that you don‘t miss out on any new business opportunities anymore.

DTP Services

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists are ready to create and optimize your online and print documents for publication. As part of our DTP services, we will work with you to create templates and layouts that capture your brand’s image and values while making sure they meet the needs of your clients wherever they are. Our Desktop Publishing experts will also work closely with you to improve the quality of your files, by providing customized DTP Best Practices, saving you money to invest elsewhere.

Multimedia Translation Services

Take your multimedia content global with our multimedia localization and video dubbing services. Our team will support you during pre and post-production of your multimedia content. We specialize in Computer Aided design, digital media and technical support literature.

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

Measure the quality of your translated content with our linguistic quality assurance solution. This assurance ensures your translated contents meet not only the quality requirements set out by industry standards such as J2450, but also your own. Let our team design a report which meets your needs and expectations while including built-in quality assurance criteria that allow you to monitor the quality of your translation program while work is in progress.

In-country Review

Looking to improve your time to market? Turn to our Argos Certified Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to perform review for you, leaving your employees to do what they do best. Our SME’s are selected, tested and classified in our Resource Management System ensuring that we only utilize resources who specialize in your field. 

Independent Linguistic Quality Assessment

As your business grows, so does your published content. Controlling the quality of your global localization program can become a time-consuming challenge with more stakeholers involved in the localization process. To ensure your multilingual content continues to meet your business’ quality needs and expectations, we recommend assessing and validating its current state with our Independent Linguistic Quality Assessment service. 

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